Selected Top 10 Abel Damina Sermons |Free Audio| PDF | Download

Abel Damina Sermons

Abel Damina Sermons

Abel Damina Sermons is quite motivational Messages and must be downloaded by all in either |Free Audio| PDF | and other Download formats.

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List Of Top 10 Abel Damina Sermons:

Sermon #1 : The Concept Of Faith

Sermon #2 : Take Control Of Your Marriage

Sermon #3 : 3 kinds of men

Sermon #4 : The Believer and sin x264

Sermon #5 : Book of Ephesians

Sermon #6 : Book Of Galatians 1

Sermon #7 : Who Is A Believer?

Sermon #8 : Another Gospel

Sermon #9 : The Blessing Is Not Material

Sermon #10 : 3 kinds of men 2

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  1. Dr Abel Daminas teaching has change my life he teaches the word uncompromizingly he is a working word of God by himself the first time I hear him preach in the profrtic channel my spirit just click with him,The world need a man like Dr Abel. What a blessing we have and I pray that the Lord my increase and strengthen him with more years and wealth. Glory to God

  2. I have been following up Dr. Abel Damina sermons and I have learned a lot about God’s way of doing things different from what I used to hear from others. Indeed God is nightly using him in transforming my lifr

  3. your teaching is unveiling me to know about jesus,baptism of water and of sprit,salvation and many more.thank dc abel damina.

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