5 Prayers For Church Workers To Work Without Regrets

Prayers For Church Workers
Prayers For Church Workers

Most Church Workers are not paid , they work for God’s reward and may the following prayers be said on their behalf , May God bless all the Church Workers in the world.

Prayers For Church Workers
Prayers For Church Workers

Been a Church Worker will not guarantee you 100% Heaven Sure , develop a Good heart while you work for God , say these prayers below.

Table of Contents

Prayer #1

Righteous God, I pray that Your chosen people will do all things in love as they work in the church. I pray that no one will take advantage of the poor and needy who may volunteer to work for the church. Let every individual be treated with love and care so that even as we do mundane tasks, we do it whilst reflecting You, Amen.

Prayer #2

Dear God, I thank You for every worker within the church who works humbly for Your Kingdom. I pray that they will take advantage of the days that You have given them. Father, Your Word says that we must work the works of You while it is day because night is coming when no one can work. I pray that they will use the hours You have given them to work efficiently and meaningfully in the church. Let the work they do be out of respect and love for You, Amen.

Prayer #3

Lord, what the enemy means for evil against our church body, we believe You can use for good. Remind our hearts of this. When we are being attacked and crushed from all sides, remind us of Your faithfulness to use everything for Your good and Your glory. May we not fear but trust in Your provision for our church family. May we not only be readers of Your Word but believers and doers. Increase our faith, Lord.

Prayer #4

God, help our church body to walk in a manner worthy of the calling You have given us. Help us in all our interactions with one another to have humble and gentle hearts. Grant us patience for one another, bearing with one another in love. Grant the Body of Christ unity. May we walk humbly with You, God, allowing You to show us our wrongs.

Prayer #5

LORD God, You are holy. You are in control. You are our comforter, the One we find our satisfaction in. Thank You for the joy of living in Your presence. What a gift! Thank You for wrapping us daily in blankets of grace. You are good, You are great, You alone are God.

Watch the Video below and reply amen at the end of the Video , please share this video with your friends and loved ones , May God bless you as you do this.


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