12+ Prayers For Boyfriend To Show you More Love and Support

Prayers For Boyfriend
Prayers For Boyfriend

Prayers For BoyfriendHaving a Boyfriend (Lover) is a thing every girl choose to do , irrespective of your Tradition and religion , below are some of the powerful Prayers for your Boyfriend to Show you More Love and Support.

Prayer #1

Father, I come before you with so much gratefulness for bringing my boyfriend into my life.

I thought I would never meet the right guy, but you answered my prayers. You brought the right person into my life.

A person who is caring, loving and God fearing, you have given me a boyfriend whom I can share your word with.

Father, I pray that you might inspire him, protect him and guide him. Amen.

Prayer #2

Holy Father, you are a living God, praises unto you.

Thank you so much for answering my prayers. You have brought a loving boyfriend into my life.

My heart is always happy because of him Father. Protect him from any evil and guide us in the correct path.

Help us to love together as per your word. Help our love to grow, and may we never lack. Amen.

Prayer #3

Dear God, I come before you this evening. Thanks for the many blessings that you have given unto us.

Most of all, thank you for giving me a wonderful boyfriend. As my boyfriend goes to sleep tonight, I pray that you watch over him. Take his pain and tiredness away; help him to find solutions for his problems.

Help him to be at peace and wake up energized. Even as he wakes up for his daily work, protect him. Amen.

Prayer #4

You have been a source of happiness to me, my world and I pray to God almighty never to take away your happiness from you. I pray that joy and success will never depart from your life.

Prayer #5

The world will bow at your feet and wherever you go, you will see and experience the work of the mighty God in your life sweetheart. Whatever is giving you joy will never be the cause of sadness in your life.

Prayer #6

As you step out today I pray you experience God’s miracle in everything you lay your hands upon. May you see favor in everything you place your hands today. You are blessed My king.

Prayer #7

My lovely man,
May your hands be blessed
May your purse never dry
May your life roll beautifully and your paths be blessed with the rain of good things.
Wish you success in life baby.

Prayer #8

As you embark on this success Journey, may the peace of God accompany you.
May you experience unexpected favour and
May you shine so brightly.
So much success in life I wish you, my love.

Prayer #9

Distinct excellence
Distinguished Honor
Extraordinary testimonies and
Everyday success is what I pray for you my darling.
May you remain a success in life love. Love you.

Prayer #10

Heavenly Father, you know me better than anyone. You see all of my thoughts and actions during the day.

At night, you alone see my dreams. You know how much I long to find love in my life. I have searched so long for the right person, but nothing ever seems to work out.

I trust that you have a plan or me and will help me find the right boyfriend when the time comes.

I share all of my hopes, dreams and feelings with you in the hopes that you will help me to satisfy my largest desire in life.

Help me to find someone who I can love, have a relationship with and marry. Amen.

Prayer #11

Lord, while I know that we are not spiritually yoked together in marriage yet, I pray that you will help us to grow in love.

Help us to follow in your path so that we may one day be joined together in the sacrament in marriage.

I pray that you will help us to mature in faith and love each other more with every passing day.

Help us to follow Jesus’s example of love and compassion in our lives and in our relationship.

As we continue to follow your path, guide us and protect us through your love and wisdom. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer #12

O heavenly Father, I entrust my heart to you. I have found a boyfriend who I love greatly and who I can one day potentially spend a life with.

We have not talked about marriage, but he sometimes talks of settling down.

I am confused about what our relationship is or what it can be.

Is he the right one for me? Help me to see your truth and to understand my relationship.

I pray that you will help me discover if this is the right person for me to share my life with. Amen.

Check this video below is a compiled visual of powerful and Great Prayers for a Boyfriend who is in need or help , share with your loved ones.

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