20 Prayers For Birthday To Be Successful and Great

Prayers For Birthday
Prayers For Birthday

Prayers For BirthdayMay God grant you a successful birthday as you say this prayers with faith , Birthday is the remembrance of the day a human being was born , you , he or she celebrates birthday today , May it be great.

Prayer #1

Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear. May God make His heavenly face shine on you on this special day of yours and all the days of your life

Prayer #2

Wishing you, my dearest friend, a happy birthday. May the Lord that we serve bless you today and forever. Thank you for being such a great friend to me.

Prayer #3

May God bless you today on your birthday and every day after. May you be comforted by His presence in your life, and always follow His guiding light. Amen

Prayer #4

I pray on your birthday that your faith in God continues to grow as you grow older, and that you find comfort in God’s love for you. Wishing you many blessings on your special day.

Prayer #5

On your birthday, I thank God that He made you. You have brought so much happiness, laughter, and wisdom into our life. Raising a glass in celebration of you, and sending many best wishes for your birthday.

Prayer #6

It brings me so much joy to celebrate your birthday with you. I pray that our God blesses you and wraps His mighty arms of protection around you on this extra special day and forever.

Prayer #7

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Prayer #8

Every day is a great opportunity to celebrate God’s awesome works. Each day is a gift of God indeed and your birthday is a perfect day to celebrate one of his wondrous works, which is creating you! Enjoy your special day!

Prayer #9

On your birthday, may God warm your heart and lift your spirits. May He grant you peace not only on this very special day, but also in every single day of your life!

Prayer #10

I wish I would be there to celebrate this special day with you. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and I will always pray for your good health and that you will have a wonderful birthday!

Prayer #11

May happiness and love encircle this day, And every blessing from heaven come your way. May the warmth of loved ones lift your heart, And your cup overflow with the love they impart. May fond memories bring you great joy and peace, And hope fill your sails with the promise you seek. But most of all, may you truly know, How you’re treasured and loved wherever you go.

Prayer #12

It is such a joy to remember your birthday, And celebrate all you are. We hoped and we prayed to have a child And we were given you, our little star.

You’ve shone into our lives and brought Such happiness and delight.

Making us so very thankful, You’re so funny, kind and bright. We’ve watched you grow every day So proud of all you do.

And tried to gently guide and care, We really do love you.

And so we pray now, giving thanks, And praise on this special day.

We hope you’ll know how wonderful You are in every way.

Prayer #13

I pray that as I celebrate my birth today that many blessings will be birthed in my life and that I will be filled with the best of all that life can offer.

Prayer #14

We are all God’s little creation and so may he breath his love and joy upon my life as I celebrate a new year. May his compassion find me out in my time of need!

Prayer #15

As the earth receives the rains and produces good fruit, I pray that on this my birthday God will rain down his blessings and opportunities for me that will become fruits of prospering and greatness.

Prayer #16

Heavenly Father, Please bless (name),
for today is (his/her) birthday.
Dear Lord, please protect and guide (name) as she
continues along the path youve chosen for her.
Give her the courage to follow in your light, and feel
your love wherever she goes.

Make her strong and give her the strength to make
good decisions in the coming year. Keep her free from
illness and sadness, for she is a truly good person who
deserves happiness and success in all aspects of life.

We know that life is like a book. With each new
chapter, we learn and grow towards what you would
have us be. Bless (name) now on this day, and in the future.

In your name we pray,


Prayer #17

O God, Please ensure that (name)
has a happy and celebratory birthday.
I pray that (name) is surrounded by family
and friends as she marks the passing
of another year.

In your name I pray


Prayer #18

Lord, let this feast of my birth be a reminder to me of all the gifts and blessings I have received from You this day and all the days of my life. On my day of celebration, I thank you for my life and all of my blessings and ask for another year filled with Your presence in my life that I may continue to grow in your love.

Gracious God, I thank You for enabling me to celebrate my birthday. Lord You have been good to me all these years and I thank You for all the blessings I have recieved but especially for life itself.

Creator God, I do not know what lies ahead for me this year. Yet I know that You are holding my future in Your hand. Let my ways be pleasing to you. As You have promised, be with me, Lord. Grid me with Your strength and grace so that I can live for Your light. Enable me to draw closer to You that I may walk in your peace and be the creative and loving person that you intend for me to be. I ask this and all things in the sure and certain knowledge of your love for me and for all your people. Amen.

Prayer #19

Our Father who resides in heaven, I call on you today to make my friend a living testimony of what it is like to serve the one true God. I ask that you keep him dedicated to your ways and teachings. Give a clear coping mechanism of whatever that may come his way. Bless his coming years, Lord. In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

Prayer #20

God of all creation, we offer you grateful praise for the gift of life. Hear the prayers for _____, your servant, who recalls today the day of his/her birth and rejoices in your gifts of life and love, family and friends.

Bless him/her with your presence and surround him/her with your love, that he/she may enjoy many happy years, all of them pleasing to you. We ask this through Christ our savior. Amen.

Check this video below , if you are unable to read the prayers below , while listening to the video of Prayer for a birthday below , kindly reply Amen at the end , God bless you.

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