11 Prayers For A New Week To Be Fruitful and Successful

Prayers For A New Week

Prayers For A New WeekIn the beginning of every week , we all pray for a successful day and amazing week , These Prayers For A New Week will make your week great and nice , May God bless your week as you say these prayers with me.

Prayer #1

As you go out this week, may the Lord go before you to make your ways perfect. May it be well with you in all your endeavours in Jesus’ name. Happy new week.

Prayer #2

As we make our way,
often wearily, to work,
or hop into the car
and do the weekly shop,
we think of those
who through the night
while we were asleep
have stacked the shelves,
made safe the roads,
transported goods,
kept factories running,
cared for the sick and dying.
Bless them with the rest
that they deserve and need,
and may we be thankful
for the work they do
that makes our lives
each day a little easier.

Prayer #3

Throughout this week, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. Happy new week.

Prayer #4

Bless the week ahead.
May its challenges
not overwhelm us,
not discourage us,
and in all things
may we remember
you are with us
in our journeying,
your love our fuel,
your word our guide,
today and always.

Prayer #5

May God lay his hands on your journey in this new week. May he guide your ways and lead you to a safe landing place. May your paths be safe, may peace find its way into your life. May your journey through the week yield beautiful results. Just as you have started the week hale and hearty, may you end the week hale and hearty as well. Happy new week and happy Monday.

Prayer #6

I pray for you today that the challenges of the week will not break you. May whatever circumstances that occur during the week not terminate your life. May you not encounter any form of discouragement. may you be a light to the paths of so many that are lost in darkness already. May the love of what you do be the fuel that will drive you to your weekly destination. Have a great and fruitful week ahead. May God bless you.

Prayer #7

God will give to you the tenacity to go through the week. When you are tired, weary and almost giving up, he will come to your rescue. God will grant you the ability to remain happy and bubbly even when things don’t seem to go right. He will give you the strength to get things done. Happy new week and have a blessed day ahead.

Prayer #8

May every word you speak today be seasoned with grace and savour. May everyone your hands touch today be blessed. May everybody you interact with today enjoy their day. Good morning, dearie.

Prayer #9

As you step out today, may peace and grace accompany you. May the Lord go before you and may favour speak for you. May your day be filled with goodness and mercy from above. Good morning my Love.

Prayer #10

Thank you God for yet another day. Help me to live in line with your Word. Show me who I can help today. Let this person feel your love though my actions. Let them experience your presence. My mind, ears, and eyes will stay open to receive your direction all the day long. Let me pass your blessing to another person today.

Prayer #11

Thank you for another breath, another day of life. Thank you for making a way for me to have life and to live life to its fullest potential! Lead me and guide me throughout this day. Be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Order my steps. Guard my heart. Direct my mind. Guide my mouth. And as always, let my life be pleasing to you.

This great video below will enlighten you more on how to say Good Prayers for a new week , we shared it with the intention of using it as a medium to perform wonders in your life.

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