12 Prayers For A Boss That Will Change Things In Great Ways

Prayers For A Boss

Prayers For A BossPraying for your boss is not just a way to make things work better for you , is also a way to show love and affection because may be without his or her help in one way or the other things might not be working well.

Prayer #1

Dear Father in Heaven, it is not possible for me to keep my mouth from speaking things it should not. I need Your power to guard my tongue. Father, today help me to think before I speak. Help me to feel that nudge of Your Holy Spirit and respond before words rush out of my mouth unbidden.

Father, I need You to help me to know what to say that will be helpful in building Tony up rather than saying words that tear down or hurt. Please make me aware, by Your divine power, of Tony’s needs so I can respond in a way that benefits him. Help me to run to You when frustrations and anger bubble up and let You de-fuse it and send me back with grace on my lips. Help me to be bold when issues need addressing, but gentle and loving in the way I address them.

Father, You are the only one who can perform this miracle in my life. I look to You today to set a guard at my heart and my mouth for I do not want to grieve You. I need the help of Your Holy Spirit in dealing with Tony. Thank you. I pray this in Jesus Name, amen.

Prayer #2

Dear Lord, I’m grateful for the gift of life and good health. I am thankful for all you have done for me in the past days. I trust in your Almightiness and believe that you will make all things work out for my good today. Receive my thanksgiving in Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer #3

Thank you Lord for counting me worthy to be a living soul. Thank you Lord for the calm assurance that it shall be well. I appreciate you because I know the thoughts you have for me are thoughts of good to give me a future and a hope. May your name be glorified forever, Amen.

Prayer #4

May your hand keep me from evil today, may your Spirit lead me in the way to go. May I never walk in confusion and darkness. May you lead me by my hand into good success. Amen.

Prayer #5

Lord, I pray for my boss
Give him the courage to do Your will.
Deliver him from all selfish considerations
Lift him above the claims of pettiness
Save him from persons
Who could lead this company to ruin.
Strengthen his supervisors in prayer
Cleanse every ignoble thought
Bless him with Christian values
Guide all his decisions and efforts.
Bless this company
And all those who work for its common good.
Help us to grow and nurture each other,
So that we may continue to share and benefit
From the fruits of our labor.

Prayer #6

Abba Father,

Lord you know me and you love me. You hold everything together by your power and your grace. So I lay before you this difficult situation that I face. I trust that you will give me the strength and the wisdom I need to work these things through. I give you the job that I do, the responsibilities I have and the decisions I need to make. Come Lord, use me to bring peace, blessing and reconciliation in my workplace.

In the name of Jesus,


Prayer #7

Dear Father,

Thank you that you are with me. Thank you that your Holy Spirit is working in my life to bring Kingdom blessings to the earth. I come before you with the difficulties I am experiencing with my manager. I lay before you the stress that it creates for me, and the tensions that I am aware of. Please give me great wisdom, strength and grace at this time. Help me to respect my boss, but also not to be mistreated. Give me wisdom as I seek to negotiate, to stand my ground, and to remain respectful of my work colleagues.

At this time, I choose to lean on you Lord, for in you I find strength and grace.


Prayer #8

God of grace,

You make me softer, kinder, gentler, generous, forgiving and loving.
Yet at times I know these gifts wear thin. I feel impatience rising, I sense resentment brooding and revenge is on my lips.
So I pray today and all days for more of your Spirit. May the grace that you pour out open the door for a renewing of my mind, a restoration of my heart and a transformation of my soul.

Thank you
That in you I find new strength
Discover more patience
And walk with grace at work in my life.


Prayer #9

Father God, I pray today for my supervisor and for all those who you have been given authority over me at . I pray that you would bless each of them and that you would meet the needs that they have according to your riches and glory in Christ Jesus. I pray specifically also for my supervisor today that you would be in the midst of all interactions today.

I pray that you would grant success in the work that you have called them to do as a supervisor and that you would help make good decisions that will help our department grow in the right direction and build good and healthy relationships among all employees.

May be open to new ideas that our department employees may bring to the table to help make our work more effective and may through that openness may our department have more unity. Lead by your spirit today.

I pray that you will help me to be an encourager of and that there will be a mutual respect that we have for one another whether we agree to disagree with everything or not.

I pray that you will help me to submit to authority and to be open to constructive criticism from .

Lord if there is anything going on in life that may be causing any stress or tension that would affect ability to be fair today or to communicate in a way that would please you, I pray that you would move in whatever the situation may be.

I pray for health and relationships with all employees and with boss as well as husbands, wives, children and all family members. I pray for finances, and most importantly, that know you and fulfill the purpose and calling that you have ordained for life.

Let my light shine today so that will see Christ in me and if does not know you may my character and conduct draw them to know you because you said in your word that “if you be lifted up that you would draw all men unto you” so if my life lifts you up then you will draw unto to you by your spirit.

I pray with great expectation. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

Prayer #10

JEHOVAH GOD, our LORD who holds ALL matters of life in His Hands, grant us success in whatever work or business with which You have Blessed us.

Help us to give these tools of our trade the careful thought and the strict attention that will lead to Success.

LORD, watch over us and govern our actions, that we may not mar the perfection of Your Plans for us. Show us how to give our very best. Let us not hate the hard work and diligence that is necessary to complete our success.

Prayer #11

Almighty Father, even if our supervisors, managers, employees or even our customers, are creating chaos and mayhem in our place of employ or business, let us continue performing, as if we are working directly unto You, with cheerful hearts.

Let every challenging duty come to us, as if it is coming directly from You. Father, give us the blessings of Your Divine help and guidance, and suffer us not to fail. LORD, let us remember You when we receive the fruit of our success.

We will bless You with Your tithes and offerings, as it is You who gave us the power to succeed. WE praise and bless your name. In JESUS’ Majestic and Mighty name we pray… AMEN!!!

Prayer #12

Loving Lord there are so many dear people in the world today that are out of work at this time and as a result Lord, there is so much hardship and pain. In Your pity and mercy I ask You to visit those that are struggling because they are jobless or unable to earn a living – knowing that unemployment brings in its wake so much stress and depression and places such a strain on marriages and relationships.

Lord be with those that have no jobs, and provide for all their needs, but also comfort and calm those that are living each day in fear that their employment will be terminated – as work-loads increase, while at the same time others are being laid-off.

Lord we are living in hard times and high unemployment, that causes so many to be out of work, and has such a negative influence on the lives of individuals as well as communities in general, – and OH LORD – if it were not for the hope that is in Christ Jesus, life would indeed be unbearable – but thanks be to God Who has given us the victory in Jesus Christ our Lord. Use me I pray, to help and encourage those that I know and to support others as I lift my voice in prayer to You. Hearken to this prayer and send help to those in need, I pray – in Jesus name,


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