Pastor Alph Lukau Wife | Age | Nationality | Biography | Name

Alph Lukau Wife
Alph Lukau Wife

Let us make it clear to you that Pastor Alph Lukau Wife is not on Social Media , Twitter , Facebook Or Instagram , her Age | Nationality | Biography | Name , will be Revealed below.

Alph Lukau Wife
Alph Lukau Wife

Pastor Celeste J. Lukau is the Wife of Alph Lukau who is the General Overseer and Founder of Alleluia Ministries International , They Got married 9 Years Ago , God gave them 2 Boys and Children.

Celeste Lukau is From Cape Town South Africa , she go married on March 26th 2010 here in South Africa with Prophet Alph Lukau.

Biography Of Pastor Alph Lukau Wife

Pastor Celeste J. Lukau (Born July 22nd 1983) is 36 Years Old , and a mother of 2 , She is regarded as the First Lady of AMI (Alleluia Ministries International). According to worshipers at the Church , One phrase that describes her accurately “a fist in a glove of velvet”, although young at heart she is very mature in the spirit and dearly loved by all. Despite her petite stature she is a spiritual giant born to Pastors and bred in a Christian home and never deviated from it.

She has been married to Pastor Alph Lukau for 9 years now and they are still growing strong. She appeals to both young and old and is affectionately known as “Mama Celeste”.

Celeste Lukau Sermons

Below is the list of Messages and Sermons By Celeste Lukau:

#1 Keep Your Oil | Bishop Celeste Lukau | 28 April 2019 | Morning Glory Service | LIVESTREAM

#2 The Gifts | Bishop Celeste Lukau | Morning Glory Service | Sunday 27 Jan 2019 | AMI LIVESTREAM

Does your vision increase around your friends or does it decrease? Do you leave motivated, inspired, challenged, or are you discouraged, negative, drained? I’m not saying every friend will inspire you, but you should have one or two friends that light a fire on the inside, that push you forward. If you only invest in people that are at the same level as you, you’ll get stuck. Find a mentor, somebody that’s been where you want to go. Just like the wrong people will pull you down, the right people will pull you up.

#3 You Are Loved By God |Bishop Celeste Lukau |Morning Glory Service |Sunday 4 Nov 2018 |AMI LIVESTREAM

The one thing you can always control is your attitude. “Am I going to live this day sour, discouraged, with a chip on my shoulder, or am I going to live in faith, hopeful, kind, happy, seeing the best?” This is a decision we have to make each day. If you’re going to have a good attitude, you’re going to have to do it on purpose because all kinds of negative things will try to creep in: discouragement, self-doubt, bitterness. If you’re not proactive, if you don’t choose to have the right attitude, then the wrong attitude will show up.

#4 Morning Glory Service – Bishop Celeste Lukau| Sunday 23 Sept 2018|AMI LIVESTREAM

#5 EPIC: Meet Alph Lukau’s Beautiful wife Celeste Lukau

When I consider all the wonderful things that God does silently on my behalf each day, I see that my list of praises is much longer than my list of petitions. So I am thankful to Him. God keeps giving us reason to praise Him.
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right and FORGET about the ones who don’t. Don’t focus on improving your relationship to someone.

FOCUS on improving yourself, serving your partner and growing daily in your relationship with God and your life will start improving on its own. Your life is a gift from God. Open it. Unwrap your fears and conquer the gift of just being you

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